My Journey with the Gods: Hekate and Loki

  • Book Review Time!

    13th Jun 2021 by

    So, this book came out last year and I could not believe that it has currently got no reviews so…I thought I’d better get on with it and at the same time I could boost the signal of the book so more people find it! It also was not on Goodreads (but I have taken… Read more

  • As requested by Loki this is me sharing my funny dream from last year!

    15th May 2021 by

    My Funny Dream:

    I was in a field looking down at my bones in a Viking grave, I was a highly respected warrior and I was outraged, TOTALLY OUTRAGED, by the lack of honours that were being given to me – what were my ancestors thinking?!? Didn’t they know WHO I was?!? I was the bestthe absolute best at hunting…

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