My Journey with the Gods: Hekate and Loki

  • Apocalypse…Is it truly an end? Or could it be a beginning?

    28th May 2020 by

    If you have been keeping you eyes on the news of late, you will have seen loads of news headlines peppered in along side your normal news. Articles about “The End Of Times”, “Four Horsemen”, and general “The End Is Nigh” types alongside your usual breaking news…I got a little bit annoyed, eyes rolled a lot (cause you know during a pandemic, this fear mongering is exactly what you want – NOT) and of course the advice was (short and sweet as the Gods are busy) – well do something about it then! So, this is a long post – sorry couldn’t be helped – but I recommend getting comfy and grabbing a drink cause (pun intended) it’s a wordy one!

  • Crazy Times…

    20th Apr 2020 by

    It doesn’t feel right, at the moment, to carry on as normal with my blog – without at least mentioning the world-wide crisis that we are currently experiencing together…Covid 19 or Corornovirus. So, from what I have read it had been about 100 years since the last pandemic – the Spanish Flu. I don’t know… Read more

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