My Journey with the Gods: Hekate and Loki

  • When Gods Want To Talk: Part 2

    14th Nov 2019 by

    Firstly, please don’t be put off if this communication is coming to you via the Religion you follow and you keep being directed to Blogs on Godspousing and Communicating with Gods and they are all written, mostly, by Witches! All Gods move in a mysterious way and us witches tend to be mad enough to… Read more

  • When Gods Want To Talk: Part One

    26th Oct 2019 by

    If I get one thing across let it be this…
    The way the Gods connect with you will be personal, it might not make sense to anyone, but you and They may seem different to what others are writing about Them. People seem to forget that Gods are timeless, ageless – their stories are here but They keep moving forward. They aren’t stuck in their pasts – the myths are stories to help you connect but they are not ALL that They are, and they are not ALL they will ever be. Gods evolve, move with the times, just like we do (would you like to be judged forever on that hideous haircut you got as a teenager?) and yes at times the myths are uncomfortable, they are not easy to read and sometimes the Gods can be scary – They are Gods – if there is anything most witches can agree on it’s that no God is perfectly safe. But please don’t feel that just because you are seeing a different side of a God and no one else is talking about it – that is isn’t really Them. Give Them the time and the respect that They are giving you. Yes, their History…Myths…Stories will always be a huge part of Them – but they are not all that They are just like you are not only your past – you are also the person you are right now. Give Them the space and time to show you who They are. Let Them guide you because in the end it will be worth it.

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